Probe Connector measuring using aligator clips

Smart Tweezers / LCR-Reader Multifunction Probe Connector:

Expands LCR-Reader's functionality and ability to measure larger components

The LCR-Reader's Probe Connector is a shielded two-wire connector that turns LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers LCR- and ESR-meters into a probe station. The connector adds functionality by allowing LCR-Reader to measure outside of the tweezers' maximum distance between the tips.
measuring using the Kelvin Probe Connector Each Probe Connector kit comes with 7 different attachment-probes: 1 longer pin-probe, 1 medium pin-probe, 2 alligator clips, 1 spade connector and 2 multimeter 4mm jacks. Each tip is screwed into the end of the connector cable.
LCR-Reader Probe Connector is easy to install on LCR-Reader or Smart Tweezers; simply unscrew one of the gold-plated tweezer-probes from the device and replace with the flat end of the connector. The connector end has two gold-strips that match with those on the LCR-Reader's flex cable. Fasten together using the screws from the tweezer tip and begin measuring. attachments included with Kelvin Probe Connector

1 long pin-probe
1 medium pin-probe
1 spade connector
2 alligator clips
2 4mm multimeter jacks
Cable Length: 60 cm